I like to imagine  that my paintings in oils somehow belie my own sense of self in the form of whatever scene, low quality image or screenshot I chose to paint from in that moment. Whether or not there is a common thread in the subjects of the paintings, there is a common thread in their foundation. Made from generally muted colours hung from loose charcoal lines in casual broad strokes on hastily filled canvases; these are paintings that look inward on an overthinking mind, always in this state or some other.

I studied for a time at Central Saint Martins, at the University of Brighton and have been working full time at a Military Charity for Blind and Visually Impaired Ex-Service folk as an Art and Craft Instructor. I paint privately and am open to taking commissions of any kind.







Tel: 07771 566 255


James J Cowland
Artist & Illustrator

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