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James J Cowland
Fine Art Expressionism - 07771 566 255

Typhoon Close

Typhoon printactual_edited.jpg

Typhoon Close

Typhoon Close is another impression of an airframe made in monochrome, canopy all but gone, to look only at the bones and structure of the thing.

Original, 0.6 ETHEREUM (Check Current Value)

11x9in Giclee Print, Unframed, Limited Edition of 50

13x11in Giclee Print, Unframed, Limited Edition of 50

These Works are Priced in the Cryptocurrency Ethereum. This means the price fluctuates with the value of Ethereum. It will be different every day, rising and falling with ETH. In the instance of sales, Price will be fixed in place at the point of agreement of sale. Payment may be made in any currency as long as it matches the value of ETH at the point of agreement.

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