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Disasters of War 2022

This series is made in homage to Goya, and his disasters of war series of prints from just around 200 years ago. It is an ongoing body of work. Each original is made using only Ivory Black oil paint on 6x6inch gesso board, Sales options for this series are:

Postcard, from 'Moo', 12x12cm bordered, each £4.50
Inkjet on Archival Matte Paper, 15x15cm, 5mm border, £25.00
Giclee on Hannemuhle Photo Rag paper, 15x15cm, 5mm border, £40.00
Softback Zine from Mixam, 'Disasters, Vol.1' containing the first 25 artworks in the series, 21x21cm, £50.00
Original Painting, 15x15cm, Oil on Gesso board plus simple black box frame 18x18x3cm, £350.00

Cost is flexible for multiples, get in contact if you're interested in any of these options. Importantly, at least 25% of any income from this series will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. More if i can swing it.

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