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Pricing in Ethereum in the Shop

Where indicated for sale in "ETH," the value is determined by the value of the Cryptocurrency Ethereum.


This means the price of the Artwork is Dynamic, and fluctuates with the fluctuating value of Ethereum. It will be different every day, rising and falling with ETH. In the instance of sales, I do accept Cryptocurrency Payments to the following crypto wallet:

I accept Paypal transactions and direct bank transfers in your native currency, including but not limited to GBP, USD, EUR etc. In this case, the Painting's price will be frozen in place at the point of agreement of sale. Payment may be made in any currency as long as it matches the value of ETH at the point of agreement

To check the current value of Ethereum and calculate the exact cost* of the painting visit:

*A value of 0.6ETH will require a calculation of 1ETH (for example, £1,150.00) multiplied by 0.6: which would be £690

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