James J Cowland
Artist & Illustrator
jamescowland@gmail.com - 07771 566 255

"Oh, this doesn't give me a good feeling at all..."

-Overheard public review of a painting at exhibition, 2019. Man got it.


 FDip Art and Design, Central Saint Martins, UAL 2009


BA Hons Fine Art: Painting, University of Brighton, 2013

"My artistic study has always been driven by introspection. I produce psychologically loaded paintings. As with any introspective line of inquiry, I seek clarity on my place in the world, and clarity within myself. In 2021 I split my practice, distinguishing the original as cowlandjames, and the other as jcowland.art in order to explore artistic potential without disturbing any previous canonical flow of ideas.


Currenly explores the use of digital art as a genesis point for rendering physical, tangible artworks. Generic, androgenous figures act as icons - personifications of various senses of feeling. These artworks occur as intuitive responses to exterior stimuli - feelings on political climate, on self-worth, self-understanding and empathic reflections on the feelings of others. "


A tangental foray in medium-to-large scale oil painting, built around a nondistinct corporeal presence, described by colourful, ethereal forms and minimalistic figurative features. These paintings are conversations i have with myself over several weeks. The outcome is not pre-determined. The composition develops and clarifies from day to day.

James Cowland 2021

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